Is Dahab safe?


Prince Henrik of Denmark visited Dahab quite recently, so his security obviously thought it was safe. (He walked along Dahab’s promenade, flanked by high ranking Egyptian officials!).

Dahab is in a bubble where the concerns of the rest of the world seem unimportant. We have friends (who are pretty much family) from Canada and all-over the world who have lived in Dahab for years and years (some more than 10 years) and they have always felt safe. The local Bedouin community is very welcoming and help to keep the area quite secure. During the revolution, when the Egyptian police abandoned their posts, the Bedouins manned checkpoints to ensure everything in Dahab and the South Sinai stayed orderly.

Another thing to note is that security at Sharm El Sheikh airport is much improved. Government advice has lifted restrictions on flying and now most all European airlines are flying there.

Dahab is a beautiful place with great diving, freediving, kite surfing, mountain walks, desert dinners etc. Of course, there is always the chance of something happening, just as there would be in Paris, New York or London.

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