Free from Time

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Deep in the ocean blue
I’m alone with my thoughts,
Sinking into an abyss
Falling towards the edge of something…

A desolate path
But I travel it anyway
Part of me wants to turn back
But I can’t
I won’t give myself up
That’s not what I’m here to do

I fall faster and deeper
“Be strong” I say
Quelling my fear
Giving who I am,
For who it is I will become

But what have I become?
A blinking light
Flashing of radiance
With periods of utter darkness
An in-persistence of thoughts…

I turn at the bottom
And pull myself up the line
Away from dark silent depths
I don’t look back
Only forward while moving upward
Fully present in a moment free from time

I surface…
Calm covers me like the waves of the water
It feels like a dream
With nothing the same again

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