Snorkeling with a Cuddly Pilot Fish

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This pilot fish I think was under the impression that I was a shark or some type of larger fish. He congregated around me during a three mile swim in the Indian Ocean, in a hopeful attempt to feed on parasites and leftovers. Usually with sharks and such this is a mutually beneficial manner, he’d keep the shark free of disease while the shark would keep him safe from predators.” Help me help you, right?” They work together in a way where each seems to get something out of it. They’re friends; they’re buddies.


So what was it about me? What was it about me that made the pilot fish think I was the shark; and feel the desire to swim beneath me, waiting and swimming with all his might for the hopes of that one bit of flesh to fall from my teeth so he can swap it right up? Was he that hungry and desperate to resort to pursuing this blue-colored, hair-topped four-limbed mammal? Or was he just coming along for the ride…

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