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Music created specially for freediving and static apnea in order to increase breath hold time with deep muscle relaxation through autogentic training. These tracks are ideal for dry static training or pool static on an underwater MP3 player.

Here are links to download the full MP3 tracks:

With Timing – Static Apnea Body Relaxation.mp3
Without Timing – Static Apnea Body Relaxation No Timing.mp3

Additional versions: NEW!

STN-No Timing Enya & Airstream.mp3
STN-No Timing Enya & DJ Shah.mp3

Renee Blundon guides you with her voice through a de-tensioning process, starting with a two minute breathe-up, followed by a six minute apnea session of deep relaxation. This autogentic training will allow you to preoccupy your mind on fully relaxing, guaranteed to increase your static apnea time.

You will be guided by Renee to review each body part from toe to head to verify that each muscle is in a state of deep relaxation. By listening to and inspecting each muscle group with the mind you can obtain a profound lowering of muscular activity, a state of psychophysical de-tensioning and complete well being.

As each body part relaxes you will be instructed to ‘see’ the color red. An exercise from the Manual of Freediving by Umberto Pelizzari and Stefano Tovaglieri, “the apneist will thus see the color red in each part of the body as it is progressively relaxed by the passing of thoughts and the force of mind. If you feel that the body part is tense or not completely relaxed, then you must concentrate on that specific zone, seeking to relax it totally. Once relaxed we recommence the mental journey of the body to search for other points of tension nesting between the muscle fibers.”

According to the Manual of Freediving, regular autogentic training can provide you spontaneous improvements of muscular tone, vascular function, cardiovascular activity, neuro-vegetative balance and level of consciousness. “Autogentic training and meditation, yoga and pranayama, mental training and visualization are all the bread and butter of top level apneists: methodologies with a long tradition and proven value.”

This video features the following music:

Breathe-up: “Mellow Piano” by Doxent Zsigmond, without modifications, available under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license.

First 3:30 of Apnea Session: “Gmin Piano Improv (Friday)” by The 3am Association, without modifications, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

From 3:30 of Apnea Session to end: “Nostalgia (Piano Impro)” by Doxent Zsigmond, without modifications, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Photography by:
Alan Sutton
Renee Blundon
Eric Beaume
Ulric Charteris
Hannah Jane
Rob Pettit

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