Static Apnea Table to Delay Contractions

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I’m excited to be training again with the Saint Raphael Apnee Club!! Being that I am spending most of my time catching-up on computer work these days, I really look forward to our Tuesday & Thursday static apnea and dynamic apnea sessions in the magnificent pool at Stade Nautique!! (God I love love looooooove this pool!!)

Here’s our group training static apnea table:

(make sure if you try this table that you someone watching you and doing checks, otherwise you can do it dry, lying down in your bed)

1) Relax for 5 minutes (or so)
2) Take one big breath and hold until you get the first contraction
3) Come up and take 10 breaths
4) Hold until first contraction
5) Come up and take 20 breaths
6) Hold until first contraction
7) Come up and take 25 breaths
8) Hold until first contraction
9) Come up and take 30 breaths
10) Hold until first contraction
11) Come up and take 25 breaths
12) Hold until first contraction
13) Come up and take 20 breaths
14) Hold until first contraction
15) Come up and take 10 breaths
16) Hold until first contraction
17) Come up and take 1 breath
18) Hold until first contraction

Should take 40-50 minutes.

We did this table all together as a group, everyone going at their own pace and keeping track of their breath-hold times.

Sebastian was keeping an eye on us, doing checks and kindly reminding me to relax the head and shoulders (thank you Sebastian!!)

And……….!! I got a new contraction time PB!! 3:07!! 3 minutes, 7 seconds of relaxation time before my first contraction, not baddddd!!!!

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