I can hold my breath for over 3 minutes!


Last month when I was doing my freediving course with Renee Blundon, I could hold my breath for 3 mins 30 in underwater static, which surprised me as I didn’t expect I’d go over a minute! Renee explained that once under water, the body adapts and goes into oxygen saving mode, so our bodies consume less oxygen and we can hold our breath for longer. Another thing she showed me is how fast we can get better at holding our breath. All we need to do is practice! I decided that being stuck in Cairo away from the sea didn’t mean I couldn’t do some apnea training! So for the past 8 days, I have been timing myself as I held my breath while in bed, right before I sleep. I started on the 16th of June and my time was 2 min 10 (2 min 10 would be more underwater) and I decided that every night, I had to break last night’s records. And here are the results:

16 June: 2 min 10
17 June: 2 min 18
19 June: 2 min 39
20 June: 2 min 42
21 June: 3 min 💃💃💃
24 June: 3 min 10

The progress was amazing! So I highly recommend to do a freediving course and not give up on training your lungs! I bet next time I go underwater I’ll do much much better than the last time! After all, practice makes perfect 

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