The Dive

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I lean back to float
Upon the still, bright sea
Weightless and suspended
Ready to break free

Waves cradle my body
In this place between two worlds
One of breathless skylit air
The other clear blue unfurled

I inhale my last breath
Fears put aside I come to life
Vanishing into shadowy seas
With fleeting inward strife 

Moving radiantly through the water
Vigor flames through my nerves
Like a drink of ecstasy
Taunting at depths reserved 

I cease pulling and begin falling
Ensuing the underwater route blind
My mind busy with all the thoughts
That I thought I left behind 

Plummeting deeper into watery darkness
A space tide swept, a no-man’s land
Relaxing into an entangled reality
The increasing pressure I withstand 

Jolted to a stop I awake in oblivion
Engulfed in an infinite liquid expanse
I feel the peace I have tried to reach
And commence a swift advance 

I fix every wondering thought
Upon the steep ascent
Perfecting every movement
With repose and content 

I begin drifting upward
Weightless and flying free
Permeated light glows and glitters
I don’t think I just be 

I glide up then break the surface
Fond of air and dreamy bliss
Clarity fills my soul and I give thanks
To the embrace of the abyss

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