Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need for the course?

Please note that I don’t always provide you with equipment for the course. (Be sure to check the details of the course)

As an freediver you will be encouraged to own your own full set of freediving equipment as this leads to safer and better diving. I will be happy to advise you so that you can make informed decisions on which kit to buy.

Here is the list of equipment and other items you will need for your course:

  1. Mask (low volume, silicone skirt, diving mask with nose pocket, Note: not swim goggles)
  2. Snorkel – simple J-type snorkel. (no valves, flexi-hoses) Must have tangs to keep snorkel in mouth.
  3. Fins (long fins are not essential for the AIDA 1*, AIDA 2*, PADI Freediver, AA Level 1, however you will need regular snorkeling fins or scuba fins without the boots)
  4. Wetsuit – Preferably 3mm open-cell for Dahab in the summer or 5mm for Dahab in winter. Must fit well.
  5. Weight belt – Rubber weight belt with lead weights. It is important that you have sufficient weights for the thickness of your wetsuit. (Please note that the lead weights must be removable and adjustable at all times during the course)
  6. Big beach towel, suitable for doubling as a stretching and breathing mat
  7. Drinking water
  8. Hat
  9. Sunblock

Optional Items:

  • Diving knife
  • Depth Gauge/dive computer (preferred, not essential)
  • Gloves
  • Booties
  • Fin retainers
Is Dahab safe?

Prince Henrik of Denmark visited Dahab quite recently, so his security obviously thought it was safe. (He walked along Dahab’s promenade, flanked by high ranking Egyptian officials!).

Dahab is in a bubble where the concerns of the rest of the world seem unimportant. We have friends (who are pretty much family) from Canada and all-over the world who have lived in Dahab for years and years (some more than 10 years) and they have always felt safe. The local Bedouin community is very welcoming and help to keep the area quite secure. During the revolution, when the Egyptian police abandoned their posts, the Bedouins manned checkpoints to ensure everything in Dahab and the South Sinai stayed orderly.

Another thing to note is that security at Sharm El Sheikh airport is much improved. Government advice has lifted restrictions on flying and now most all European airlines are flying there.

Dahab is a beautiful place with great diving, freediving, kite surfing, mountain walks, desert dinners etc. Of course, there is always the chance of something happening, just as there would be in Paris, New York or London.

What’s the minimum age for freediving?

The absolute minimum age, due to physiological development, is 12 years old, however note that different training agencies (i.e. AIDA, SSI, PADI) set their own distinct age standards.

Can I dive in Dahab in the winter time?

Dahab is a freedivers’ paradise with year round temperate conditions, minimum water temperature in the winter months (December-March) of 22c with a maximum temperature in summer months of 30c. There are several different dive sites, some open water conditions and some completely protected, so we select our site for the day depending on the weather and wind conditions.

Who can freedive?

Literally anyone who has the desire to give it a try! Age-permitting, free diving is a sporting activity that can be enjoyed by all. A reasonable standard of good health is required but don’t worry if you’re not a vegetarian, tea-total, non-smoking yogi – freediving welcomes everyone.

What medical facilities are there in Dahab?

As a watersports mecca, Dahab features 2 hyperbaric chambers and doctors experienced in dive medicine and dive injuries.

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