Explore your limits, learn how to improve your techniques and freedive with 100% peace of mind. I'll provide the buoy equipment and weights, set-up the line for you, do safety for your dives, provide feedback and coaching on your freediving with photos and video analysis. All you have to do is what you came to Dahab to do, freedive and of course learn and develop your skills.


One Session at Lighthouse - €35

Two Sessions at Lighthouse - €50

One Session at Blue Hole - €45

Two Sessions at Blue Hole - €60

Discount available for group bookings of 3+ people

EQUIPMENT: Weights are provided at no additional cost. If you require freediving gear, it is €12 per day to rent a full set of equipment; wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel and weight belt.

REQUIREMENTS: Hold a freediving certification, be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), and be able to swim.


Gain a better understanding of the mouthfill technqiue with 1-3 tailored coaching session(s) and learn about:

- The physiology involved
- Dry exercises to develop better control over the glottis and soft palette
- Specific step by step instructions on exactly how to do the mouthfill
- Specific mouthfill exercises you can practice at home
- Specific mouthfill exercises you can practice in the water
- How to improve your frenzel technique
- And more...

A 1-1/2 hour dry session consists of some theory, practice of several dry exercises and assessment of what is working / not working in your mouthfill technique.

COST: €45 for dry session. Recommended to do at least two sessions. Also can be combined with some in-water coaching session(s), see "Coaching / Training Sessions" above for pricing.


Make your monofin technique more efficient!

Before getting into the pool, I'll go over some important theory about the monofin technique, this way you can understand what the proper monofin technique is, why it's the most efficient as well as how to do it. In a nutshell, we will go over how you can 'swim like a dolphin.'
You'll do a bit of practice on land (which you can continue working on at home) then will gear up and get into the pool to try-out different exercises. The in-water exercises are designed to basically reprogram your mind for the coordination and flexibility needed for proper monofin technique. All of this combined will improve the way you move in the water with a monofin.

COST: Price is €50 for the two hour session (45 minutes of theory, 1 hour of pool training.) Includes pool fee. For additional pool coaching sessions (1-2 are recommended) it would be €40 /each. Can also be combined with ocean coaching / training sessions to work on duckdive and CWT techniques, see "Coaching / Training Sessions" above for pricing.


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