Setting the standard in international freediving education

AIDA courses set the standard in international freediving education. The AIDA ladder supports your development as a freediver all the way from beginner to instructor level. You can enter the AIDA education ladder either at the * (Introductory) or ** (Foundation) level depending on how comfortable you feel in the water. The AIDA education ladder is about but building your skills for safe controlled freediving. You can see the details about each the AIDA course below.





The AIDA 1 Star Freediver course is one of the many ways to to get in to freediving. This is a one-day freediving foundation, pool and theory course. Think of it as a taster, where you can learn the basics about freediving and try it out! Note, that this course is basically the first half of the AIDA 2 Star Course. So if you like it you can proceed with the remaining 1.5 days of the 2 Star Course. Duration: 1 day. Price: €95. More Info…


This is probably one of the most challenging and rewarding AIDA freediving course. For those who are already somewhat confident in the open water, this course is your next step to becoming a knowledgeable open water freediver. Duration: 2-3 days. Price: €240. More info…


The AIDA 3 Star Freediver course is the start of deep freediving. 3 Star freedivers are trained to dive up to -30m and will start to experience the sensations of deep diving. Much of the course will be spent learning and practicing the free-fall technique as well as advanced frenzel equalization techniques. Duration: 3-4 days. Price: €275. More info…



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