Equalization is a key element in freediving. If you are able to equalize without any stress, you will improve your freediving significantly.

In the Advanced Equalization course you will learn advanced techniques, such as the mouthfill, and how to best train those techniques by Renee, a certified Apnea Academy Advanced Equalization Instructor. You will also learn the physiology behind equalization – the different parts of the body involved, how to improve your frenzel technique, dry exercises for mouthfill, exercises to train mouthfill in the pool and in the sea and more…


Class Presentations and Dry Practice

  • Equalization physiology
  • Techniques to improve frenzel
  • Dry exercises to develop awareness of the glottis, soft palette and tongue positions
  • CO2’s effect on equalization and how to train for it
  • Why do mouthfill? What is mouthfill?
  • Exercises with the balloon to learn how to control the glottis, soft palette and tongue (first step to learn mouthfil)
  • Precise steps for doing mouthfill
  • Management of the mouthfill
  • Exercises with water pipe and dry exercises

Open Water Training (4 Sessions)

  • Exercises to begin practicing mouthfill
  • Freedives with mouthfill technique
  • FRC’s with mouthfill to train


Cost: €245 (3-4 days)

The Course Includes:

  • 8 theory and practice lessons
  • 4 sessions in open water applying the mouthfill technique and experiencing the equalization techniques covered during theory
  • Apnea Academy Advanced Equalization digital certification card upon completion. (Will also receive actual certification card by mail.)

Freediving equipment rental: Available for an additional fee

Pre-requisites: Must be at least 18 years of age and have a certification of Apnea Academy Level 2 (or equivalent).

Course Structure: The course runs over 3-4 days with flexible arrangements for individual students to get the mentoring they need.

Minimum Performances Required for Certification:

  • Have completed all the equalization exercises in dry conditions and open water

Dive Medical

Before the start of the course every student is required by Apnea Academy to present a general certificate of good health. If the student exhibits contraindications to the activity, the student will have to supply, at the request of the instructor, more detailed medical certificates.


For more information on course pricing, scheduling and details, please fill out the form below or email renee@freediving.life

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