Apnea Academy’s First Level freediving course represents the first approach to freediving and is by far the most important, as it creates the base of aquaticity and knowledge for your future in freediving. The course is for absolute beginners with the objective for you to learn controlled freediving by developing the necessary skills to train your body to be more efficient with oxygen as well as to develop positive sensations while improving your skills and ability in the water. This is done in the course of 3-5 days (or equivalent schedule) and includes learning proper finning technique, body position & streamlining, relaxation exercises, breath-holding & breathing techniques as well as open water diving sessions. In this First Level course you will extend your breath hold time, learn how to dive in the most relaxed and safest way possible from 8-20 meters as well as discover the joy and freedom of being underwater.


Class Presentations

  • Fitness and Equipment for Freediving
  • Physics of Freediving, Finstroke and Human Physiology
  • The Dive Reflex, Bloodshift, Equalization Techniques and Duckdiving
  • Freediving Safety; Dangers and Prevention
  • The Underwater Environment and Exercises in Open Water

Sessions of Breathing, Relaxation and Equalization

  • Techniques of physical relaxation
  • Techniques of diaphragmatic breathing and equalization

Confined Water Training

  • Freestyle and breaststroke swimming techniques
  • Breathing-up for freedives and recovery breathing
  • Introduction to underwater breaststroke (DNF)
  • Free-body duckdiving, dolphin diving and buoyancy control
  • Static apnea training for breath-hold up to 1’45” (or more)
  • Finstroke technique, body position and streamlining
  • Duckdiving with fins
  • Proper weighting, clearing mask and weightbelt quick release
  • And more…

Open Water Training

  • Free Immersion Dives and Techniques
  • Constant Weight Dives (to 8-20 meters) and Techniques
  • Dynamic Apnea at 5 Meters
  • Safety Skills
  • And more…

After the course the students are usually able to hold their breath for 2-3 minutes and dive comfortably to 15 meters.


Price: please contact us for pricing.

A 50% deposit paid before the start date secures your position in the course. The balance is payable on the first day of the course.

The Course Includes:

  • 5 theory Lessons
  • 4 lessons on techniques of breathing, relaxation and equalization
  • 8 confined water sessions (12 hours)
  • 4 open water sessions
  • Apnea Academy First Level digital certification card upon completion. (Will also receive actual certification card by mail.)

Freediving equipment rental: Available for an additional fee

Pre-requisites: Must be able to swim, have had previous snorkeling experience and be medically fit (see below). Minimum age is 14 years. Students 14-17 years of age must have a parent or guardian consent.

Course Structure: The course runs over 3-5 days with flexible arrangements for individual students to get the mentoring they need.

Minimum Performances Required for Certification:

  • Perform a static apnea of at least 1’45”
  • Dive in constant weight to at least -8 meters
  • Perform a dynamic-no-fins distance of at least 25 meters
  • Perform a dynamic apnea of at least 30 meters

Dive Medical

Before the start of the course every student is required by Apnea Academy to present a general certificate of good health. If the student exhibits contraindications to the activity, the student will have to supply, at the request of the instructor, more detailed medical certificates.


For more information on course pricing, scheduling and details, please fill out the form below or email renee@freediving.life

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