Freediving in Dahab

the mecca for freediving


Freediving dahab is on every freediver’s bucket list! Dahab attracts large numbers freedivers because of the superb flat water conditions, near zero current, good visibility and the deep depths reachable right from shore. It’s a very affordable place and a friendly beach town with a large freediving community. 

National and world champion freedivers come from around the world and spend weeks or months for freediving training in
Dahab. It’s really a freediver’s dream of a town with a diving doctor located right in town for all your medical needs and plenty of shops for all of your equipment demands. The perfect place for freedivers with big dreams on a limited budget.

The Blue Hole

If you’re freediving Dahab, you must check-out Dahab’s infamous Blue Hole is a 20 minute taxi ride from Lighthouse and is filled with freedivers from all levels every morning who all know each other, dive together and hang out together.

The submarine sinkhole has the best conditions for freediving in Dahab. The depth of the Blue Hole is approximately 90 meters and is less than a five minute swim from shore, making it easily accessible.

Being that the Blue Hole surrounded on nearly all sides by a coral wall, there very little current, flat surface conditions, complete lack of boat traffic and water temperatures ranging from 19°C to 30°C (66.2°F to 86°F) depending on the season, making it the ideal training ground for freediving.

The Arch

Inside the Blue Hole, there is the famous arch which is a 26 meter long tunnel, whose top is at a depth of 55 meters. Many freedivers enjoy freediving deep enough to view the arch which is penetrated by light from the other side.

Check-out the video of freediving to the arch at: Tandem Freedive to the Arch


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