Black 5mm SG1B Smoothskin Wetsuit


Black smoothskin 5 mm MERMAN wetsuit with black glide-skin outside and nylon fabric inside. Custom-made to your measurements and designed for comfort while diving in cold water.

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Black 5 mm thick reversible smoothskin, MERMAN wetsuit with black glide-skin outside and open-cell inside. Wetsuit is custom-made to your measurements.

Designed for Warmth and Comfort

The SG1B wetsuit was designed for comfort while diving in cold water. The 5mm thickness, open-cell interior, high-quality neoprene and also being that it is custom-tailored made to your measurements, makes for a wetsuit that provides excellent thermal insulation while freediving or scuba diving.

The suit is very popular in South Korea, South Australia, among other places in the world where the water temperatures are low.

Can be Used for Scuba Diving

This wetsuit was designed for freediving, but can certainly be used for scuba diving! Recommended you purchase the nylon fabric version versus the glide-skin because it is more durable.

Take Care

Exposure to sunless can damage the fabric and neoprene (just like any other wetsuit). We recommend keeping the suit out of direct sunlight and in a dry, shaded environment. This will help it last for quite a long time.

Wetsuit is made in Korea. Production time is 7-10 days.

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