Burgundy 3mm SG1B Smoothskin Wetsuit


Burgundy smoothskin 3 mm MERMAN wetsuit with burgundy glide-skin outside and soft nylon fabric inside. Can be worn on both sides! A high-performance, durable wetsuit for freediving.

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Burgundy 3 mm thick reversible smoothskin, MERMAN wetsuit with burgundy color glide-skin outside and soft nylon fabric inside. Wetsuit is custom-made to your measurements.

Designed for Performance and Versatility

The 3 mm SG1B freediving wetsuit was designed for performance and versatility, and can be used for diving in warm water as well as for diving in the pool.

The wetsuit has excellent thermal insulation while freediving / diving. High-tech and high-quality materials make it much warmer than most 3mm-5mm wetsuits.

A Reversible Wetsuit!

Can be worn on both sides! If worn with the glide-skin outside, it reduces water resistance, and the inside material, being smooth nylon, can be easily donned on a dry body, without having to use soap or water. The nylon is very elastic and leightweight as well as smoother than conventional nylon material so it won’t irritate the skin.

If you wear the suit with the nylon on the outside, you will have a bit more water resistance but the suit will protect much better against the external environment.

Can be Used for Scuba Diving

This wetsuit was designed more for freediving, but can certainly be used for scuba diving! Recommended you wear the suit nylon-side out, at least during shallow scuba dives because it is more durable and will help prevent damage to the wetsuit.

Take Care

Exposure to sunless can damage the fabric and neoprene (just like any other wetsuit). We recommend keeping the suit out of direct sunlight and in a dry, shaded environment. This will help it last for quite a long time.

Wetsuit is made in Korea. Production time is 7-10 days.

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