Smoothskin Black Heiwa Wetsuit


Elios top-of-the-line freediving wetsuit with smoothskin black outside / open-cell inside and Heiwa Neoprene. A best-selling wetsuit for freediving training and competition



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Elios top-of-the-line freediving wetsuit with smoothskin black outside / open-cell inside and Heiwa neoprene.

This is a best-seller wetsuit for freediving training and competition. It’s very elastic, warm, adherent to the body and very comfortable. The smoothskin outside makes it low-water resistance, allowing for much more glide than fabric wetsuits.

The wetsuit complete of jacket closed with hood incorporated + high waist pants.

To get into you must use always soapy-water, as it is very delicate against tears or rips. That is why we highly recommended to purchase this suit in a custom tailored size and also with the coating on the inside, so that it is less likely to tear.

Note: For speedier delivery, this item is shipped directly from the manufacturer which is located in Italy, so if the shipping address is anywhere in Europe there will be additional fees applied for VAT tax (22%).

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For a freediving wetsuit to do it’s job most efficiently, it should fit like a second skin. Check the Standard Size charts below to determine if a standard size suit will be right for you.

If your height and weight do not fall within the standard sizes, you should send us your measurements and have the suit custom tailored made.

Standard Elios Wetsuit Sizes – Men

Standard Elios Wetsuit Sizes – Women

Custom Tailored Size

If your measurements do not fall within any of the standard sizes above, you can have your wetsuit custom tailored made. Just download this PDF: Elios-Custom-Tailored-Suit-Form.pdf (right-click and select “Save link as…”), fill-out it with your measurements and email it to

For any questions or assistance feel free to contact me.