Renee’s underwater photography is both inspirational and aspirational, celebrating the beauty of the sea and her passion for freediving. Her work invites you to dream of an escape from the ordinary, an escape into the world beneath the waves full of wonder and adventure.

Through her camera lens, Renee takes you on an incredible journey to amazing places around the world below the water’s surface, capturing the essence of the ocean’s natural beauty.

Her curated collection includes highly creative underwater pieces on the topics of freediving, marine life, underwater landscapes and remote seascapes.


Combining the spirit of travel and freediving, in 2016 Renee began posting her underwater photography on, what came to be, FREEDIVING.LIFE, to share her deep passion for the sea and underwater photography with the rest of the world. Her aim in her photography was to allow nature to be the artist, only to capture and reproduce it as accurately as possible in a form that can be admired outside of the water. Renee’s bold photographic works forge synergies between the natural world, wanderlust and adventure, transporting the viewer to a place beneath the water’s surface, and invites people to share in her explorative spirit.


With full control of modern imaging techniques, Renee explores underwater photography using the most advanced tools including state of the art digital cameras and photo enhancement software. Renee also uses an authentic method of photography using only natural light to artistically capture the reality of underwater spaces. Every single image is meticulously crafted with expert attention to detail.

Renee’s fine art underwater photography is dramatic, beautiful and memorable, and designed to share her unique freediving experiences. Her works are created with professionalism and an essential respect and appreciation for the natural world.


Since September of 2016 Renee has been collaborating with Nicolas Largueze in production of underwater photography. Their experiments with digital photography focus on the ambivalence of human nature in water, body and mind. Their on-going project “Liquid Gravity” lies at the intersection of digital photography, liquid physics, apnea, and human emotion.

Renee also collaborates with Tanzania-based photographer, Alan Sutton, on underwater photography where nature and man are intricately entwined. Most nature photography often keeps out obvious references to man, visually separating man from nature, implying a gulf between nature and man that does not exist in the real world. This collaboration focuses on the incredible moments where humans and marine life are side-by-side, sharing the same space and moment in time.


Renee believes one’s experience with purchasing art should be enjoyable, approachable and unintimidating. In 2017, Renee built her e-commerce website considering the various hesitations that go along with buying art such as style, scale and quality, aiming to make it easier and more comfortable for visitors to view and understand her work, as well as providing renderings to visualize the works in different contexts and interiors. In addition, she sourced one of the best frame companies in the US to create high-quality frames, providing an added service of convenience for her clients.


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