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  • One of the life changing experiences that everyone should try at least once in his lifetime, during this course you end up learning a lot about yourself and your body and how you can put yourself into deep relaxation and self awareness even in the worst challenging and frustrating moments. Renee is amazing instructor she knows exactly what students are up to undergo in this course and guide you passionately through this journey.

    Mohamed Yousry
    Mohamed Yousry Website Designer
  • It was quite an experience! Renee has a lot of patience which gave me a lot of relaxation during the static apnea and dynamic apnea and a big boost going into the dives, always speaking in such a calming voice, actually I almost fell asleep once while training! If you are looking for some life changing course that makes you excited for the next one, definitely I would recommend her.

    Amr Awad
    Amr Awad
  • It was quite a journey with Renee! We spent one whole month together. She has a unique balance of strength that pushes you forward and sweetness. She tells you what you need to hear and encourages you. “You know you can do it” she kept telling me while I was preparing for my national record attempt. I was very sick during competition days but she knew what to do, she told me which doctor to go and as she told me I would be good in a few days. She was right again. And we did it! WE did the record together. Even if the record hadn't happened I could master a new kind of equalization technique. She gave me exercises, theory and all I needed. It really put my diving into a new level!

    Thais Picchi
    Thais Picchi Brazilian National Record Holder in Bi-Fins
  • I loved the course! It was lots of fun especially for a beginner. I felt the course progressed nicely, I did not feel rushed and got to learn a lot of new things and try them out in a safe way. I liked how the course progressed first from static apnea (working on breath-hold), the dynamic apnea (added finning) then full immersion (adding equalization and duckdive for constant weight) I like that Renee was very supportive and took the course seriously and made sure we were learning the proper techniques. Overall it was a lot of fun! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to try freediving

    Wisam Al Abed
    Wisam Al Abed Website Designer
  • Renee is a very friendly, professional and cautious person. She takes care about her guest, by doing everything possible to make our stay more pleasant and enjoyable. She loves free-diving and share the secrets and wonders of Dahab with open heart.

    Lou Pottier
    Lou Pottier
  • It was magic! After years of day dreaming about it, I finally started my freediving training. In just one day of training I learned that I can breathe way deeper than I thought. I learned that I can expand my lungs beyond their usual size. I learned that I can reduce my oxygen consumption with simple breathing tricks and mind games. I learned that with oxygen conservation I can hold my breath for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. I learned that I can tell my body to relax and my heart to beat slower. It was magic! I learned that I've taken air for granted for my entire life. Air never tasted better like it did after emerging from 140 seconds under water. Nothing I did today was really that special or outstanding. Everyone can do this. Go freediving. Freedive with Renee Blundon because she is an awesome instructor!

    Ahmed Zaatar Elsayed
    Ahmed Zaatar Elsayed Implementation Engineer at Dell EMC
  • I highly recommend! It was such a great escape for two weeks to learn something new and challenge myself. The natural features in and around Dahab make this place special and a wonderful place to dive with wider adventures to be had in the surrounding mountains. There are lots of great affordable options for eating out too. There were very few international tourists due to concerns about safety. There was nothing about the experience, from the very high levels of security at Sharm El Sheikh airport to the feel of Dahab with the friendly locals and small community of passionate divers and free spirits, that raised any concerns. Now is a great time to go. There are other options in Dahab but I highly recommend Renee specifically for free-diving, you will not find better training. Thank you, Renee, for all your time and patience.

    David Jones
    David Jones
  • Work Ethic & Commitment: Describing Renee as a hard worker doesn't do her justice at all - the drive and commitment she gives to herself & her sponsors both in and out of the water is infectious and inspiring. Even when faced with huge challenges, she has the fortitude to overcome adversity by turning it into a learning outcome. She couldn't have demonstrated this better than at her first World Championships in 2018 with a series of well executed, measured performances. Emerging as one of the top athletes in this sport - we're all really proud of her achievements to date and are excited to see her journey unfold Nutrition: Does Renee have a weakness for delicious cakes? Who doesn't?! Does she know the value of nutrition? Trust me, I would advise anyone to guard her chia seed drink whilst out on the water with their life, haha! Getting the balance right is hard for everyone - Renee's focus is unquestionably driven by her appetite to succeed! You simply cant put in her volume of training & maintain the required presence of mind this sport demands without the right fuel & lifestyle balance being there. Character: Most often its an intangible energy or a feeling that someone emits which is a simple truth. Renee has a quiet confidence that she holds close to her heart. I actually experienced Renee's artwork before meeting her in person whilst a friend was house sitting for her - I recall carefully detailed pen and ink drawings, purposefully framed depicting the coastlines and topography around Dahab. There is a fastidiousness, sensitivity & love reflected in these and in the way she interacts with trusted confidents (not to mention her little feline bundles of fluff) which is really charming.

    Adam Mustoe
    Adam Mustoe Freediver and Safety Diver
  • I was in Dahab for two weeks for freediving training and Renee's coaching was excellent. She displayed impressive determination, customer service and commitment. The overall organization was always great even in a sometimes challenging environment.

    Thanks to Renee's experience she was able to develop my technique and the mind-set I was approaching free diving with. Her way of coaching was safety oriented and conservative. I was always feeling safe during my dives. This was probably one of the reasons I was able to learn a lot from this experience.

    I will surely recommend her to any friends who would either begin with freediving or further develop their skills.

    Riccardo M.
    Riccardo M. Africa & Middle East Security Manager at Google
  • I came to Dahab looking for a laid back rest from traveling, I was met with a huge freediving family community. I decided to try freediving to see if I could improve my air consumption on open circuit scuba, what I learned was much more.

    I was referred to Renee by several people in Dahab we met for coffee, and I could instantly see how much passion she had for the sport. Renee is extremely dedicated, and literally lives to dive. Over four days of training and coaching I learned the different disciplines of freediving, how to practice breath hold techniques, how to stretch and get in the proper frame of mind to dive, physiology behind breathe hold and so much more than any text and article could offer.

    What I enjoyed most was how professional the coaching was delivered in such a laid back relaxed comfortable space. Whether you want to improve technique, gain depth, overcome your fears, Renee will safely provide and environment where you can challenge your self and grow as a person and a diver.

    Josh Sranko
    Josh Sranko Heavy Duty Technician at Peterbilt
  • I came to Dahab to train and improve my water confidence for my upcoming assessment and selection for a special operations forces unit. Renee exceeded my expectations by far. She is not only teaching you about all the various freediving skills, but also invests a lot of time in meditation, breathing techniques and stretching. She is very passionate in whatever she is teaching.

    I can highly recommenced Renee to everyone, it would not matter if you would be just beginning to freedive or an elite freediver, she will adapt to your needs quickly.

    Thank you Renee for making a better underwater swimmer out of me!

    Oliver K.
    Oliver K. Air Force Special Operations Pararescue (PJ) Specialist
  • Another fear conquered! After three days of training, I dove down 65 ft on one breath. Thanks to Renee for the awesome coaching.

    Matt Menendez
    Matt Menendez General Manager, Consumer at Axon US
  • With one of the most amazing persons I've ever met, eating Russian food, and sharing our experiences with each other. Renee Blundon a freediving instructor and she is the best ever, she taught me a lot about freediving. Renee thank you so much for everything, actually i cant thank you enough. No words ever could describe the happiness I feel and the love l have for you.

    Shimaa Mohamed
    Shimaa Mohamed Health Coach & Founder of IEALTI
  • I can't say more than what Heba said for you, thank you Renee so much for everything you did for us. Give me a call when u will be in Cairo!

    Baher Mohamed
    Baher Mohamed Employee at Orange
  • Thanks for everything, you are the best diving instructor, inspirational coach and such a lovely funny person. Thanks for your patience and motivation. I can still hear your voice saying "I'm water within water, I'm water withing water." I'm going to see you soon for sure!

    Heba Kamal
    Heba Kamal Engineer at QNB Alahli
  • It was a great to have you as my freediving instructor, because I learned a lot from you. Your perfect way in explaining the theories and your accurate feedback and notes so I am really exited to take my next course.

    Ali Elmahdy
    Ali Elmahdy
  • I can hold my breath for over 3 minutes! Last month when I was doing my freediving course with Renee Blundon, I could hold my breath for 3 mins 30 in underwater static, which surprised me as I didn't expect I'd go over a minute! Renee explained that once under water, the body adapts and goes into oxygen saving mode, so our bodies consume less oxygen and we can hold our breath for longer. Another thing she showed me is how fast we can get better at holding our breath. All we need to do is practice! I decided that being stuck in Cairo away from the sea didn't mean I couldn't do some apnea training! So for the past 8 days, I have been timing myself as I held my breath while in bed, right before I sleep. I started on the 16th of June and my time was 2 min 10 (2 min 10 would be more underwater) and I decided that every night, I had to break last night's records and the progress was amazing! So I highly recommend to do a freediving course and not give up on training your lungs! I bet next time I go underwater I'll do much much better than the last time! After all, practice makes perfect

    Raghda EzzelDin
    Raghda EzzelDin Accountant and Founder at Egypt Freedivers
  • Freediving was one of my dream sports since long time ago... I took this course with my friend, Gamal, and we're both hooked!! Renee Blundon - the #1 freediving instructor in Egypt!!

    Abdelrahman Selim
    Abdelrahman Selim Travel and Wildlife Photographer
  • It was the perfect break away from the stress of day-to-day life. Two big thumbs up!

    Mark VanderFliert
    Mark VanderFliert Works at UNHCR Egypt
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